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Trainspotting with kids November 23, 2011

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Direct Hotline…

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I couldn’t resist buying this for my landline. It’s a 1975 edition. Thankfully, it just rings to my house, and is not a defcon five line. Still, loved it when I saw it. 🙂


If you haven’t been to the antiques shops on 8th avenue in Nashville, I highly recommend stopping at Estelle’s and the antique warehouse across the street. Lots of cool stuff, reasonably priced.


This is how you do it… November 20, 2011

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My charming boyfriend could give some men a lesson or two in romance. I’m so lucky he’s mine…
He teased me with a surprise outing for a week, only giving me small clues… Then, I awoke on Saturday morning to be told to meet him at Elliston Soda Shop for breakfast.


Then, after breakfast and a dozen roses, he walked me over to the salon & spa across the street, where he had arranged for me to be treated to a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage. I was blown away.
There was no special occasion, he did this “just because”.

Man oh man, I knew I loved him, but to be treated to a day like this was so sweet!!!

I’ve been all smiles…


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