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Artsy May 29, 2012

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Played with new paint In preparation for a gallery showing… Wanted to share with y’all. 🙂


An Opry Tuesday Night! May 23, 2012

Spent a fantastic evening at the Opry last night, being entertained by some truly talented folks. The Opry was filming for a GAC special that will be airing on Memorial Day.

Had the pleasure of meeting several folks who were being honored for their service as well!


Pre-travel planning never easy for moms May 10, 2012

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I’ve been so stressed the past few days nailing down babysitting options and getting the house in order, so packing and final details were left for the last night before the trip. Crazy Monday and Tuesday.

A long day of work, followed by two spring and performances at the middle school made for a late start to our dinner and bedtime routine, plus a lot more housework. After the kids settled down, I got my to-do list together and got the notes written for schools, ran to Kroger for last minute supplies, decided to thaw the chicken in the freezer just enough to be able to get it into the crockpot before I left so dinner would be made for the most part, and made lunches for the following day. Then, I stuck reminder notes all over the house. I meant to take a picture, but obviously figured I would make time…and didn’t.

Before long, it was nearly 3am, so I committed my efforts to making sure the kids had some extra snacks at the house and then packing and a shower could be squeezed in before getting the girls up for school. Oh, did I mention that I also had an extra child spend the night with me after the band performance?

May tends to be the busiest time of the year for schools since they’re trying to jam pack everything into the last few weeks. Frank has a field trip to Dollywood on Friday and a boy scout trip on Saturday, which thankfully my friend Michelle is covering the pickup/drop off and watching Frank for me from Thursday on… The rest of the kids are being watched by my friend Cari, who thank heavens was available last minute. I feel badly that I didn’t even fix my bed back from when we were sorting through schedules and listening to music earlier the night before, but I never did g et into it… So..a few pillows were not going to bother her.

Somewhere around 3am, I decided that I should use the time to bake some muffins for the kids, since they love my baked goods. I pulled out a pumpkin pie filling can from the pantry and decided that I’d be able to find a recipe that included it as an easy to make muffin. Surprisingly, I did not, but I was able to find a basic recipe that I recreated to make work with the pie filling mixture.

Despite my diet, I tasted a piece to make sure it tasted as great as it smelled. I added some vanilla & lemon extract, cinnamon and stevia to intensify the flavors, give it a sweeter taste and BAM, culinary jackpot.
The end result was about 32 full sized muffins and 36 mini muffins.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and hit the shower.
After packing, and getting Ready, I woke up the kids. Best reaction to an early wake up call – ever? Your 11 year old’s first words being, “What smells so good?”

I said my goodbyes, got my hugs and kisses in, and hit the door running, I needed to make it to the airport in the next 30 min or so to be there the full hour before my flight.

Our San Francisco & Google expedition: Day One- coming soon!


May 1, 2012

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