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Nuts?!?!? The holidays are always crazy. December 29, 2012

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Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl! Merry Christmas! December 24, 2012

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More #pendants :) December 16, 2012

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Pendants.. December 15, 2012

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My friend @jarodfoster

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Santa’s List: Then and Now December 13, 2012

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I’m trying a new approach this year to our Christmas shopping/Santa plans.

A few years ago, when the kids were younger & smaller, this was a MUCH easier endeavor since the letters they wrote to Santa were filled with items that carried a much lower cost… I miss the days when they asked for a Spiderman anything or a Barbie! It was just a lot less expensive overall when I would slowly acquire low cost items beginning in September.

My kids are getting older though, so with three in middle school, and one in 4th grade, they’re not interested in a lot of “toys”. Now that my youngest is my final Santa holdout, I still feel the need to have it appear that Santa has magically transported an impressive array of stocking items and gifts, but I don’t feel the need to spend money on stuff that I’ll throw away later or that she won’t play with.

I’m a tech geek, by nature and profession. So, I shouldn’t be surprised that my children have mostly followed in my footsteps. Their lists this year included some sort of electronic device, games for various gaming consoles, Apple products and iTunes gift cards. While it’s great to get them what they want, visually, those items are tiny and don’t have the “wow” impact under the tree.

Not gonna lie, I really miss the old days.

So, this year I’ve tried a new approach. In order to wrap a bunch of things, my children got useful items, along with the fun ones. I can’t give away the specific items in the blog (just in case the kids read it), but for the gift card options, I’ve been wrapping them in a succession of boxes, just because I think it’s funny and a way to make a little present appear larger.

While I’ve never shopped Black Friday sales before, I’ll admit to picking up some stuff on a late night grocery run to Walmart (that happened to be Black Friday- technically).

Beyond that, I’m hitting up resale shops, Craigslist and even some colleagues to search for some of those higher dollar items at a majorly lower cost. My youngest isn’t going to care if she gets a slightly older generation iPod, let’s face it, she wouldn’t even know!

As for all the holiday gifts that we usually buy for our neighbors, friends, co-worker Secret Santa exchanges, etc… I’m making a lot of them! Baking, crafting and having fun creating gifts that are useful (and yummy!).

What are you doing to be more economical this holiday season? Anything?




Paper flowers: Easy craft with kids!

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#instacollage apple pies in a jar #holiday #gifts December 6, 2012

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Crockpot roast dinner. #dinnermadeeasy

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#instacollage jack Daniels single barrel bottled for Eric Church…for sale so I can fix my car. December 5, 2012

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