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Easter Egg Decorating with the Kids March 30, 2013

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The kids and I decorated eggs for Easter. This year, it was harder to get some of them to participate, as they’re getting older… but I wanted to have some decorated eggs, so they had to deal with it, and decorate two, then pose for a picture.

Ah, teenagers.

They turned out cute and it was a fun little project. I know it’s only a couple of years until they start moving off to college/adulthood, so I’m trying to soak up as much good kid-time as I possibly can.



Easter Wreath

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I wanted to try to make something with some spare fabric I had. After seeing a few posts on Pinterest with some Easter Wreaths, I thought about making something similar.

Here’s the finished wreath:



To make it:
1 yard of purple fabric (got on sale at Walmart)
1 old white pillowcase (upcycle!)
1 wire hanger
Easter Decorations (I had some leftover stuff from years prior that I had gotten on clearance)
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

1. Using pliers, untwist the hanger so it’s an open wire. Then, shape into a circle. Use the pliers to twist it the edges over on each other for strength and to avoid sharp edges.

2. Cut the fabric in strips using a rotary quilt cutter and straight edge. I tried to keep my strips somewhat consistent in width about 1″, but wasn’t too precise with it. I’d say I kept the length of the strips to about 8″ or so.

3. This is the time consuming part. Put on a good movie, and sit with your hoop and your strips. Fold the fabric in half and make a loop (like you’re tying your shoelaces) and then wrap the loop around the wire, and pull the ends through the loop’s hole to make a knot. Try to keep your ends even when pulling it through. Alternate fabric colors (or use all the same fabric color) and loop then squish (so technical!) the pieces till you have the whole wreath covered. You’ll want to almost “over do” it on purpose, to give you a fuller look. Another option for a fuller look is to double up your fabric, so there are essentially four pieces showing after you’ve completed your knot around the wire.

4. Push and squish the knots/fabric pieces so that everything is facing the front. I used my hot glue gun to anchor some of these knots about every 6″ around the wreath, so that I’d be able to fluff as necessary, but there would be some solid structure and it wouldn’t all go slippery.

5. Determine placement for your wreath “add-ons” and hot glue into place.

6. Hang and enjoy!


Tired & Sleepless. March 20, 2013

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Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1913! #downtonabbey March 8, 2013

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