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Ooh!!! Just got a new Flat flask. (Don’t say it, @shannonlawsonmusic ) September 30, 2016

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And he’s off… Joe is heading back to Ireland on his student ambassador trip.

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More baking. Banana bread muffins… Easy grab & go quick snack. ❤️ #carrepairs #waitinggame #delicious September 28, 2016

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This mornin’s meditation… Continued from yesterday. #coloring #gelpens

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Household Oil September 25, 2016

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I didn’t expect to realize I was completely in love with him so suddenly.
I knew I loved him, I knew he loved me. That was easy.

But as I stood in the hardware aisle and picked up two containers of Household Oil, I knew my life had changed forever. I bought the oil not because it is useful (which it is!), but because it reminded me of him. I knew that particular 3-in-one Household Oil would be something I’d be able to use for the next several years, but also that each time I pulled it out, or saw it in the cabinet, I’d be thinking of his face. I’d think about his smile or how he used it for various applications while working around the house.

At that moment, I knew there was no going back. I was and am completely and totally in love.
And I’m okay with that.img_9442



Back to my book… It’s like this guy gets in people’s heads or something. @robhillsr ❤️

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#lifegoals Love like this. ❤️

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I want this. It’s very few things in life that I desire, but this is one of them. I love it. #thisoldhouse

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Last night, I wore a strapless dress out on the town for the first time since I was a sophomore in High School. That would make it the first time in 22 years. 😝Feeling great! September 24, 2016

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I’d rather be waking up at a campsite. #camping #scamp September 20, 2016

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