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Just spending a little time tonight counting my blessings… I spend a lot of time focusing on positive mindset, the kids and getting areas of my life back in order… and when I was least expecting it earlier this year, this person showed up unexpectedly in my life, then stuck around and proved this quote. I’m so grateful for this person, without getting super “lovey” about it, I just want to make sure I publicly say that to have someone who not only inspires you, but also loves and encourages and CHALLENGES you to be your best self… is most definitely the person you want to share your life with. If I have learned anything in my nearly 40 years… it’s that the ones who come along and enrich your life, those are the ones who change your life. This person makes me laugh, but also makes me feel like I have found a missing piece of me…. I feel at home – wherever we are together. The best part? Being infuriated sometimes, because this person pushes me to make positive changes in my life that aren’t always easy to make. Knowing that even the pushing- is with my best interests at heart. There is underlying passion and conviction for not giving up or taking the easy road. This person also has my back for even the petty shit… ready to make me laugh with a cocktail in hand after an emotional, long or stressful day. This person also has the same dirty mind I do… I value that so much. 😂🤣 Basically, life is good. Hang in there… I’ve kissed plenty of frogs in the past… but I can honestly say that my king just marched straight into my world, came and found me… and I’ve never been happier. November 28, 2017

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Look out world… I’m coming! #adventuresofaudrey November 27, 2017

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Dreaming of tropical water, swimming with the fishies & our “Splash” moment… Thankful for the love & joy he has brought into my life. #nashville #gratefulheart #justkeepswimming #love #adventuresofaudrey November 23, 2017

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I’m grateful for life every day. My blessings are many, my desires are few. God is good. Life is good. The struggle defines you, life isn’t meant to be lived without ups and downs… it’s the ride that is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible! I’m forever grateful for each breath I take, those I love and those who make my life richer by being a positive part of it. No filter needed…these are raw feelings. Thank you! Xoxo! Much love! 🦃 #thanksgiving #nashville #gratefulheart #family #love #friends November 22, 2017

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Love this! ❤️#nashville #gratefulheart #adventuresofaudrey #mermaid November 15, 2017

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Eye see you! My eye is on the goal…think, dream, believe, dare… DO IT! #nashville #adventuresofaudrey #gratefulheart November 14, 2017

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I’m missing being a mermaid. Have I mentioned I’m not a fan of cold weather? #mermaid #adventuresofaudrey #gratefulheart #dreamingoftheocean #justkeepswimming November 11, 2017

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