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I’ve had a rough few years. Lost a business, lost my livelihood, have had a few heartbreaks, lost some friends, even nearly lost my life…but… looking back, even when things still feel like I’m constantly fighting to survive in a world determined to keep knocking me down… I STAND BACK UP. I have seen some of the worst in people I have both liked and loved through the years. I have experienced extreme levels of hatred and betrayal. I have gone to people in power, those who we are taught will protect and serve us, only to find out that they didn’t protect me. Over the years, some have called me strong, others have called me stubborn. But through it all, for every negative I’ve experienced, there has been an equal or GREATER positive. See, what I have learned through the all heartache I’m still walking through, is that there is always beauty. There is always LOVE. There are always people put in your path at the right moment at the right time. We have the choice to focus our energy. We choose every second whether to be the light, or to be the dark. It’s our choice. We can’t control what we experience with in this lifetime, but we can control how we let it shape us. How experiences make us stronger… to stand up for ourselves, to love others, to give back, to help as much as possible and to truly begin to see the beauty in the chaos. Maybe that’s why I have always loved painting abstracts… up close, it’s a messy pile of color and texture… but when you stand back… it’s a beautiful work of art. After writing that, I know it’s time for me to pick up my painting again. Two things for you today: 1. No matter what, life is beautiful. Accept it. 2. When you feel like you’re knocked down, stand back up, then stand your ground… and be grateful for the opportunities that allow you to see the beautiful mess. Go have a great day… remember, it starts with being grateful. *You’re welcome to share with others as long as you please credit me. -Audrey Korshoff* . #nashville #gratefulheart #adventuresofaudrey #betterafter40 #majorlifechanges #positivethinking #bethechange #bethelight ##bohemianabode #rvlife #domesticabusesurvivor #airforcemom April 2, 2019

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