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It’s a @starbucks & @flynashville kind of morning. :::yawn::: #upallnight #adventuresofaudrey #gratefulheart 😍✈️😎🥰✌🏼 . . There was a slight change to my planned itinerary, but I think it’s gonna work out. I’m likely gonna be AWOL for a little bit…on purpose. I desperately need to decompress. As my therapist said, I’ve got more than several of the major life stressors happening all at once… and I need to recharge my physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries – more than anything else right now. . Thanks to those who have reached out. I’m good… better actually, because I’m taking the needed time to nurture myself. ❤️ Meditation, writing, and solitude. Yes, please! ❤️ April 4, 2019

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