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I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch. Ok, so I kinda love Lizzo. And Imelda May. Why? Strong women. Yeah. That. Enjoying the ride… was up early yesterday (and today too)- walked 3.5 miles today before the day “started”… and it helped clear my mind. Planning on another walk today- rain or shine. I promised myself some “love”… and for me, that means a commitment to showing up, rain or shine… good times or bad. I’m gonna be there to walk, to think, no phone… just ROLL out the door and make shit happen. Disconnect for an hour. Thoughts processing and without feedback or ways to record it. Shocker in today’s world. During yesterday’s walk… as the rain came down and my pace didn’t change – my thoughts were great. My motivation was on top of my own game. I built out processes… I thought through challenges… and then, all morning and afternoon- I made them happen. 💋 Enjoy your day. Challenge yourself. Take time to process your thoughts. Set your game plan… but mostly… Make shit happen. ❤️ July 18, 2019

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