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Artwork July 3, 2011

Original Artwork from Audrey Korshoff


Here’s where you get to know more about me and my “artistic” side. Visit the Facebook page for galleries of my artwork and updated information. I am available for commissioned work and several pieces are currently available for sale. I work in various mediums, with my favorite two being watercolors and acrylic/mixed media. Here’s the bio from the facebook page:

Still waters run deep. Get your scuba gear if you really want to get to know me.

I’m passionate about love, life, family and God. I enjoy spirituality and most of what I feel ends up on canvas or paper. I write, sing and paint as a tool to process thoughts in my head.

I’ve never met a stranger and I rarely wear makeup, but I enjoy playing dress up now and then.

I’ve got an eye for color and an ear for music. The other eye is for watching kids and the other ear listens to friends and family when they need me.

I’m not afraid to dream up something on the large scale. Dreamin’ big is where it’s at. Don’t ya know? Power of positive thinking… we create our own realities by believing in our dreams.




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