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Fluidity of Travel Plans September 12, 2015

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So it’s been a part of my plan to contribute something to assist the Syrian refugees while I am traveling. I’m not sure how just yet. I was planning on trying to collect soaps and washcloths and toothbrush/toothpaste to distribute, but that didn’t work out last minute, so I am attempting to instead spend a day doing whatever may be necessary or helpful, possibly as a volunteer.

Trains have been shut down from Budapest into Austria effective yesterday, so my initial travel plans of moving easily to Vienna may be thwarted, but I’ve been doing some research as to how I can make it over there with a slight change of travel plans, and bonus, I get to add a country as well (which came recommended highly by a passenger I met on the plane).

I’m sitting in the Admirals Lounge at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) since our initial flight was delayed, I missed my Budapest connection flight and now will not arrive until closer to dinnertime. At least I know I’ve got a great studio apartment waiting for me when I arrive!

I’ve just notified the hotel of my later arrival, so I hope that it won’t be a problem, as the proprietor didn’t speak English, so I had to send him a note with the assistance of Google translate.

Sipping on my protein shake and about ready to take advantage of the shower option here to freshen up before my next leg of the trip. The best news is that I know I have a great bathtub waiting for me at the apartment for later tonight!


Trainspotting with kids November 23, 2011

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